lil Miggins by Deborah Steward Catering is a small family-run catering based at Houghton St Giles in Norfolk.


“We are lucky enough to work surrounded by the beautiful countryside of Norfolk at our offices in Houghton St Giles, This makes us very aware of the environment and how it affects our lives and how our lives and work affect the environment.”


We aim to reduce our waste by:

♦ Recycling 98% of our external packing and leftover produce. 

♦ We use email to communicate and avoid printing documents wherever possible.

♦ We recycle all our office waste where applicable, .


all our waste is sorted using the latest recovery methods by Baco Compak in Kings Lynn and recycled wherever possible

We aim to reduce the use of energy by

♦ regularly reviewing alternative energy sources

♦ encouraging staff to turn off equipment when not in use provided this can be done without compromising safety

♦ regularly checking the energy efficiency of our equipment 


We aim to reduce our use of water by:

eliminating unnecessary use and reducing essential use of water we have water meter to monitor usage.

♦ we have an in-house biological sewage system that only outputs fresh water


We aim to minimise our transport use by

♦ encouraging staff to car share where possible to reduce our carbon footprint

♦ sourcing 98% of our ingredients from local suppliers

♦ using seasonal ingredients wherever possible to reduce food miles and promoting the circle economy by using and employing local people

♦ ensuring that supplies are from sustainable sources wherever possible

♦ using as many ingredients as possible from our on-site kitchen garden

We ensure that all our staff understand and action our policy. We will monitor our

progress and review our environmental performance on an annual basis we have been working with The Planet Mark and have achieved the accreditation for last two years , this help us achieve more effect monitoring.